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For over a decade, I’ve helped my clients’ use all the assets that radio offers to deliver the highest ROI and use its power to build household brands. The diverse platforms I work with allow me to laser-target your marketing message using all the tactics and tools of branding and direct response advertising. I’ll place you in the right access points, at the right cost, frequency and time of day to reach your ideal customers. No matter if you offer a product or service (B2C or B2B); I’ll develop a highly-customized, laser-focused strategy that will drive new customers to your business.

I’ll explain what radio ads cost and how I deliver value well in excess of what the typical rep/buyer delivers in the marketplace. And if you are interested in working with radio’s biggest names to promote your business, I will match you with the right personality that aligns with your brand.

Ready to start the conversation to determine if and how radio can generate success for your brand?



Radio Works

Based on research and insights from the country’s top media research firms, data illustrates ad buys that drive the best results – share 8 characteristics. While ALL media options have some of these characteristics, radio is the one and only medium that delivers on all 8. Now, I am not saying radio is the number one choice for each of the 8 attributes.  But rather, radio is the only medium that delivers on all 8 characteristics.

Because all media has value, marketing on multiple media platforms delivers better results than on any one alone. In fact, when you have consistent messaging across multiple platforms it makes your message 60% more effective in motivating customers to buy. Remember, I told you I will never hesitate to refer you to another trusted media professional.


Because I know that digital is a strong compliment to radio, I have a suite of digital products to offer my clients.